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The Original.

Over 40 Years of Experience



To produce retaining profiles for sealing gaskets used in the automotive and machine manufacturing industry.

In addition to being the market leader in Turkey in our product category, our aim is to gain market share worldwide and to be recognised as an exceptional supplier in terms of customer orientation, quality and service.



In order to produce products and services exceeding our customer's expectations

- we closely work together and communicate with our customers to understand and specify their needs and expectations. We conduct in-depth analysis of their current and future requirements

- ensuring that our whole supply chain is catering to our customer's demands

- actively working for improvements in all areas of our business and production processes as well as supply chain

- we are commited to ensure that all legal requriements and laws are met


With our technical knowhow and experience as well as knowledge about the industry we put direction and purpose to the organizational culture.


As part of our organizational culture we are commited to continously improve our quality, process as and customer managment

Employee's engagement

Our employees are our greatest asset. Their engagement and sense of belonging is vital for their personal development as well as our organizational culture and the succes of our business.



To run an effective and efficient quality system we work with due diligence, engagement and a mindset of continuous improvement.

Evidence based decision making

The measuring and controlling of all our processes and results are the basis for our evidence based decision making process and customer satisfaction.

Relationship- Management

We are commited to establish an effective communication with all our stakeholders in order to understand and meet their needs and expectations.

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